Jabal An-Nar Club Celebrating 15 Years of Establishment

Jabal An-Nar Club celebrated 15 years of establishment, under the auspices of Issam Qaddoumi, Secretary General of the Higher Council for Youth and Sports, and Akram Rjoub, Honorable Governor of Nablus Governorate.

Before the ceremonies, Deyaa Jarrar, the Executive Director, and the board members of the Club held an introductory tour of the club’s facilities and halls, in order to highlight  the club’s programs and the various services offered. The tour included high-ranking persona such as: Akram Rjoub, the Governor of Nablus Governorate, Anan Ateereh, Deputy Governor, Yousef Zou’bi, the Director of the Higher Council for Youth and Sports in the North, Omar Hashem, Chaiman of Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Azmi Balawneh, Head of Directorate of Education in Nablus, Naser Alsawalhi, Chairman of Nablus Business Forum, as well as Khaled Tamimi, Nablus Police Chief.

The whole ceremony was attended by high ranking officers from inside and outside Nablus Governorate such as: Jehad Ramadan, Fatah Secretary-General in Nablus, Ziad Abdallah, Chief of Party for IREX’s Partnerships With Youth (PWY) Program, along with a group of the staff working for this program. In addition, the ceremony was attended by many directors and representatives of local organizations, representatives of the University of An-Najah and Al-Quds Open University and a number of business men.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dirar Touqan, the Chairman of the Club, delivered a welcoming speech for the attendees that included: persona, organizations, former board members and the club’s volunteers and supporters. He also shed light on the club’s vision: (youth are active contributors in developing their communities) which can be met by developing the capabilities of youth from both genders to reach their personal and social goals. Dirar finalized his speech with emphasizing the importance of the various sectors’  future support, especially the private sector, to the club’s activities, which would help the club expand the services and programs offered to youth and local community.

As related to Akram Rjoub, the Governor of Nablus Governorate, he expressed his pride in Jabal An-Nar Club in his speech as it was one of the very important centers targeting youth and holding a great responsibility to enhance the youth’s general and national knowledge along with their critical thinking. He also emphasized the importance of prioritizing youth and promoting their social and national awareness.

For Yousef Al-Zu’bi, the Director of the Higher Council for Youth and Sports in the North, he praised the distinctive role of Jabal An-Nar Club with youth, and the constant work of its management to enhance the club’s legal status. He also expressed his delight of the club’s achievements since establishment.

During the ceremony, two videos were displayed. The first one summarized the achievements of the club since establishment, reaching more than 30 thousands direct beneficiaries, in addition to other tens of indirect beneficiaries from different age groups. The second video showed pre-recorded words (messages and wishes) from high level personas in Nablus Governorate to commemorate 15 years of Jabal An-Nar Club’s establishment.

The club’s management ended the ceremony with honoring and distributing plaques to:  important personas in Nablus Governorate, former board members of the club, current and former staff, special contributors in the club’s establishment, beside a group of distinctive interns and volunteers who left a footprint in the various achievements of the club.




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