Jabal An-Nar Club Celebrating the Islamic New Year in Nablus

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Among all of its social and voluntary activities, Jabal An-Nar Club conducted a big activity to celebrate the Islamic New Year with the participation of  dozens of volunteers, staff  and the Scout Group of the club. The activity, that included a scout show, took place from the club in northern mountain to the downtown in Nablus, and managed to draw a smile on the faces of people in the this religious occasion.

Mohammad Souaan , a board member and the Head of  Scout Committee in the club, expressed his happiness for the success of this activity held among other activities by the club and its Scout Group in the various national and religious occasions.


On this occasion, Deyaa Jarrar, the Executive Director of Jabal An-Nar Club, said that: “this activity is one of a series of activities organized by the club to celebrate the national and religious occasions through the participation of the youth volunteers, the Scout Group and the Clowning and Entertainment Team. These activities work to enhance the national and religious belonging of youth and build a contributing generation.” The Executive Director praised the roles of  Nablus Governorate and Police in organizing the activity and having it succeed. He also wished a happy year for all the Palestinians.


Mohammad Braik,  a scout member in the club’s Scout Group, said that ” this is not the first time I participate in an activity celebrating the Islamic New Year in the club. Nevertheless, I always wait for this activity every year in order to see the delight in the children’s and people’s eyes as they join us.”


The club’s volunteers distributed sweets and candy to people in streets during the scout show that was completed in the downtown with the scout mottos. The activity also finished with the participants’ emphasis on the active role of the club’s activities to strengthen its relationship with local community in the religious and national occasions.

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