Clowning and Entertainment Team

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Clowning and Entertainment Team


The Clowning and Entertainment Team of Jabal An-Nar was founded at the beginning of 2014 by the efforts of the leading youth volunteers in the club. The team has organized a lot of entertainment days, festivals and plays for children and a number of marginalized groups in many cities in the north and middle of  the West Bank.


The types of services provided are:

  • Clowning activities
  • Puppet theater
  • Telling stories (narration)
  • Circus and acrobatics
  • Telematch games
  • Painting on faces
  • Collective interactive singing.


The team through its shows and activities conducted aims to achieve lots of the club’s goals. The themes revolve around:

  • Enhancing the spirit of volunteering
  • Entertainment and psychological discharge for children and other target groups
  • Spreading outreach messages on many social topics
  • Reinforcing positive behaviors among the target groups.


The target groups of the activities of the team are:

  • Children from age 6 to 14
  • People with disabilities
  • Old people and other special community cases
  • Residents of marginalized and poor areas.



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