Youth Programs Unit

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Youth Programs Unit

The Youth Programs Unit is considered the primary face for youth work in Jabal An-Nar club. It makes direct contact with youth by conducting many training sessions and specialized programs that aim to develop their various skills and capabilities. The unit also offers services to different local segments in the society through involving in different activities and trainings, as follows:



  • Youth Serve Palestine: This training aims at improving the youth’s skills and capabilities on the personal and technical levels including youth leadership, life skills and the basis of voluntary work. The training ends with having all the participants plan for a voluntary activity and  implement it at their local community.


  • Youth Initiatives and Voluntary Activities: They include a group of monthly and yearly activities and campaigns, led and implemented by youth to serve different segments of the local community, especially the marginalized people . “Coupon of Eid’s clothing” is an example of the charity campaigns and aims to help people in need in the periods of Eids. The club also conducts other campaigns to support poor and marginalized people in winter and natural disasters.


  • Various Trainings and Workshops: Theses trainings and workshops -such as trainings in the English language, public relations, and personal skills- aim to reinforce the skills and capabilities of youth in different fields in order to meet their needs and enable them to be active contributors in their community.


  • Summer Activities: The club usually holds yearly summer camps for children and youth from the age group of 7-17. The summer camps cover many fields and topics as: ICT, media, cultural and social activities, national awareness activities, and other various entertainment activities.


  • Entertainment Activities: The club implements many activities related to clowning and entertainment for different age groups through its Clowning and Entertainment Team. The team constantly organizes a lot of entertaining days, festivals and plays for children and marginalized groups in Nablus Governorate and some other areas in the northern part of West Bank.

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