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Established in Nablus in 2018, MYPICs is a private shares company that provides distinctive and high quality services with pure youth taste. The work is led by specialists highly experienced in youth work, media, promotion and organizing various events in addition to conducting clowning and entertainment activities for children.

MYPICs was founded to assist Jabal An-Nar Club, based also in Nablus Governorate, to achieve sustainability and self reliance. Jabal An-Nar Club targets youth since they are active contributors in developing their local communities, and its mission is centered on developing youth’s capabilities to reach their personal and social goals. Jabal An-Nar Club offers various programs that aim to accomplish multiple goals manifested in: providing employment opportunities for youth, activating their social, cultural and technological roles, and contributing in the improvement of the social and entertainment conditions of children and marginalized people in the local community.

MYPICs provides many services to organizations and individuals:

  • Advertising and media coverage
  • Clowning and entertainment shows for children
  • Events management.

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