Extracurricular trainings

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Extracurricular trainings include:

  • Film Production Training: The training teaches participants the basic principles of photo-taking and video- making, script writing, and film-editing in addition to graphic design (72 training hours)
  • Photography Training: The training trains participants on the basic principles of Photography and Photo editing (25 training hours)
  • Graphic Design Training: It trains the participants on Photoshop and Illustrator programs (36 training hours)
  • Robotics Training: It trains students on the assembly and disassembly of robots, programming, and critical thinking through the tasks given to them during the training (36 training hours).
  • Web Development Training: Through “Summer Code” and “Winter Code” programs, the trainees are taught programming languages, including: HTML,CSS, and JavaScript, and learn the basic principles of web development (40 training hours)
  • Summer and Winter Camps: During summer and winter breaks, the center offers a series of trainings and activities for children. These include: learning through games, English, national education, critical thinking, creative writing, the little journalist, health education, and drama& theater.

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